volunteer with us!

Do you love children and teens?
Would you love to make a difference that would last forever?
Are you looking for ways to use your time, talent and passion?

We want to help you find a role where you can be fulfilled. We believe that there is a place for everyone to use their God-given talents. There are many benefits to volunteering with GC Family Ministry. You will connect with other adults, teens, parents and children. You will become part of community and will be taking an active part in what the children are learning about God. You will lead the kids and teens by example and show the importance of serving and what it means to be a member of the body of Christ.


Dear Volunteer:

Grace Chapel wants all our children to be protected every time they are involved with Church activities. Therefore we have a Child Protection Policy (CPP) that will support a safe environment for everyone. The CPP includes the following:

The CPP applies to all ages, from our newborns to high school students.

Employees and volunteers will submit a confidential authorization form that will authorize a background check. This authorization will be required of anyone above the age of 18 who works in any capacity with our children or youth. This information will be submitted online through Secure Search. Successful completion of a background check will become a condition for anyone working in the care or supervision of children. All information will be handled discreetly and kept confidential.

The emphasis of our CPP will be on the prevention of problems.

There will be adults to monitor the children’s areas and hallways.

There will be common sense policies for adult sponsors during youth activities. If any employee or volunteer is aware of circumstances that might allow our children to be at risk, that information should be reported to Kate Hazlewood immediately. There will be mandatory training that will take place as needed with an annual review and renewal.

It is the purpose and intent of Grace Chapel to provide a safe, secure environment in which to teach and care for the children of our church and community. We are committed to protecting children from sexual abuse, child molestation, and other forms of physical abuse. We are also committed to protecting employees and volunteers from false accusations. In all our ministries with children and youth we expect all employees and volunteers to demonstrate the love of Jesus Christ so that each child will be able to thrive in a growing relationship with God.

If you are in agreement with the above letter, please complete all of the following:

   •  Complete a background check through Protect My Ministry. The Family MInistry Team will send you an email via messages@mobilizemyministry.com with instructions on how to complete and submit your information/authorization form.
   •  Read the Child Protection Policy.
   •  Read the Child Protection Protocol.
   •  Read the Mandated Reporting Law.
   •  Watch the Child Protection Video

Please allow 1-2 weeks for processing your application.

Kate Hazlewood or Rocky Wyatt will follow up with you to confirm your application and discuss with you any questions or concerns regarding the specifics of your role.

Questions, comments or concerns?  Please contact Kate Hazlewood or Rocky Wyatt