winterfest 2019


who: Anyone in 6th-12th Grades; due to lodging & transportation constraints, there are a limited number of spots for participants this year. when:
    • Meet at Grace Chapel on Friday, February 15, at 9:00 AM
    • Return to Grace Chapel on Sunday, February 17, at 5:30 PM

where: Gatlinburg, TN (about 5 hour drive from Grace Chapel).


  • What is Winterfest, and what will my child experience? Winterfest is a weekend retreat and gathering of middle school and high school Youth focused on improving their relationship with God and others. 
  • What will my child be doing when they are NOT in Winterfest sessions?  When we are not in session, we will have an opportunity to enjoy time with a small group of GC Youth throughout the town of Gatlinburg.  There are various restaurants, shops and attractions within a short distance from our hotel.  As mentioned above, Youth will be responsible for covering the cost of all food, entertainment, and souvenir purchases.  Any child in 6th through 8th grades will require adult supervision – by a small group leader, parent or other Grace Chapel volunteer – at all times.
  • To connect with peers & caring adults through group discussions and having a ton of fun!
  • To engage with God in a meaningful way through worship and challenging faith messages.
  • To develop healthy, wise habits of time and money management.
  • To practice interpersonal skills by interacting in loving ways – on the bus, in your hotel room, and with the thousands of other guests and workers in Gatlinburg.
Contact in case of questions or emergency:
  • Rocky Wyatt, Youth & Family Minister
  • 678.983.2316 (call or text)


Details & Instructions:
  • The registration fee covers hotel lodging, charter bus transportation, and Winterfest pass:
    • Early Registration rate through Sunday, November 4 = $210
    • Regular Registration rate in November = $230
  • We will be staying at Hampton Inn, which provides continental breakfast – two meals are included in the lodging cost.
  • Extra money is needed for optional souvenirs and entertainment (please discuss as a family how much will be permitted to use for these) + ~$50 for 5 meals (if you eat continental breakfast in the hotel on Saturday & Sunday mornings):
  1. Friday lunch in a mall foodcourt while traveling there
  2. Friday dinner in Gatlinburg
  3. Saturday lunch in Gatlinburg
  4. Saturday dinner in Gatlinburg
  5. Sunday lunch in a mall foodcourt while traveling home
  • A T-shirt is not included in registration cost, but Winterfest apparel is available for purchase in the convention center.
  • In order to complete the registration process, you must place cash or check, written to Grace Chapel Church, in an envelope and drop it in The Box in the Grace Chapel Lobby (between the front door and the office).
Financial Assistance:
  • Sibling Discount – Take $5 off the registration price for each child from the same family.  If you’re paying Online, enter the word SIBLING as a promotional code under the Ticket Information.   If you’re paying Offline, simply subtract $5 per participant from the same family.
  • Please do not let money be the only factor keeping you from going on this trip.  Contact Rocky Wyatt (email to: to work out a payment plan if that would help.  You can also ask about scholarship money that is available to help subsidize GC Youth event costs for families.  Please ask!

GC Youth Participant Covenant

    1. I will act in ways that bring glory to God and show love to others.
    2. I will dress in a modest way so that inappropriate attention is not drawn to myself.
    3. I will not enter a room of the opposite gender without adult supervision.
    4. I will use personal electronic devices, when allowed, in a responsible, respectful way.
    5. I will not carry or use weapons of any kind, including “toys” (air soft guns, pocket knives, etc.).
    6. I understand that illegal substances or behaviors will not be tolerated.

Disciplinary Action Plan

  • Non-Negotiables Any illegal activity, possession/use of drugs, alcohol, or weapons, sexual activity, or relentless disrespect for authority will be cause for immediate dismissal. In this case, it is the parents’ responsibility to provide a way home for the participant.  Participation in future opportunities provided by GC Youth will be discussed with parents, participant, and Youth staff as soon as possible after returning from the Youth event.
  • 3 Steps (when breaking the Participant Covenant)
  1. Verbal Warning (by any adult)
  2. Limited Privileges (must remain with adult and notify Parents/Guardians)
  3. Going Home (see above)

Packing List

  • Bible, Journal/Notebook, & Pen
  • Warm Clothing: dress in layers so you’ll be protected outdoors & comfy indoors
  • Toiletries
  • Extra Money for 5 meals, souvenirs, and entertainment
  • Sleeping Bag & Pillow (some may need to sleep on the floor)
  • Electronic device (use wisely, appropriately, and responsibly)
  • Snacks (keep food costs down by bringing food, water bottles, etc. to carry with you)

Release Form

Each family must turn in a signed GC Youth Release Form each ministry year – August 2018-August 2019.
If your family has not already completed the form, please click the button at the bottom of this page to download, print and sign the form, and place it in The Box in the Grace Chapel Lobby (between the front door and the office).
Make sure to take a picture of the front and back of your most current medical insurance card and email to, OR attach a photocopy to the form when you drop it in The Box.

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